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Want to Fix Canon Printer Print Head Error?

Printer Customer Service +1-833-430-6109 Phone Number

Canon printers come with built-in notification systems that say about the print head issues. If you too face print head problem with your Canon device then take care of it as it requires maintenance. If printer light blinks orange 11 times repeatedly then it indicates about the print head alignment issue and if it blinks five times continuously, there’s the print head error.

It will be a good step to fix the Canon print head error after following the given steps:

  • Step 1: Check the ‘Alarm/Power’ light to ensure whether your printer has the print head error or not. It depends on the number of blinking of light.

  • Step 2: Open the cover of the device and take the print cartridge to center. Ink containers should be taken out and clip from the print head should be removed using the blue key. Catch it, set tanks back in and close the printer cover.

  • Step 3: Restart printer by powering off and on. Press the ‘Resume/Cancel’ button and hold it until the power light will blink twice. If it is so then release the button. Check the published papers.

  • Step 4: If output quality is not okay then clean it deeply. For this process, open Properties dialog window under the ‘Printer’ folder on your system and select ‘Maintenance’ tab. Choose ‘Deep Cleaning’ option and then click ‘Execute’ button. Perform deep cleaning many times, if required.

  • Step 5: You need to change ink cartridge if the problem continues and you’re unable to get acceptable output with a particular color ink. For this, replace old ink cartridge with a new one. Close the cover once the cartridge is correctly placed and wait until your printer resets itself.

However, if mentioned steps do not work to fix your Canon print head error then it is highly advised to call us at our Canon Support Number in order to get step-by-step troubleshooting guidelines. Our technicians promise to provide immediate solutions for print head problems within the shortest time.

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